Exclusive: Kings MMA’s Rafael Cordeiro on Training Mike Tyson, Fabricio Werdum

May 4, 2020

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Last week, a video of legendary boxing champion Mike Tyson training with Kings MMA head coach Rafael Cordeiro was spread all over internet.

From the MMA community to U.S. President Donald Trump, many people shared the video and commented about 53-year-old’s speed and power, who said later in an interview that he is plaining to return to the Sweet Science for some exhibition bouts.

On Sunday, Sherdog Brazilian correspondent Marcelo Alonso talked to Cordeiro about the experience with “Iron” Mike and also about the return of Fabricio Wedum at UFC 249. The former two-time MMA coach of the year guaranteed that "nobody hits like Mike" and wagered that if Tyson had the opportunity to train at Chute Boxe during the Pride Fighting Championships era, he would have been the best P4P fighter in mixed martial arts.


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