Bi Nguyen Believes She Has a Clear Path to Victory Over ‘Stamp Fairtex’

On Nov. 8 at One Championship: Masters of Fate, Bi Nguyen will get the biggest fight of her career. The 5-4 mixed martial artist will be taking on the 2-0 Nong Stamp (better known as “Stamp Fairtex”), who is One’s atomweight muay Thai and kickboxing champion.

Even though Stamp has been spending most of her time in muay Thai and kickboxing, this was always a fight Nguyen wanted. “Ever since I have been at One Championship, I have taken whoever they have given me, but I have had my eyes on Stamp Fairtex to challenge myself,” Nguyen said to Sherdog. “Stamp is the muay Thai and kickboxing champion. I’m just excited to welcome her to high-level MMA.”

In this fight, Nguyen believes she has a clear path to victory over the multi-sport world champion and that is to take it to the ground. “I think I do pride myself on my standup and in my past fights I have wanted to keep it standing because I enjoy it. But, I enjoy this challenge for me because I am going to switch it up,” she explained. “I’m going to test herself on the ground and be smart about it. I’m going to go the route to get the quickest finish and that is on the ground.”

Why Nguyen is so confident in this fight is simple. She believes the level of competition between who she and Stamp have fought is of different quality. “She hasn’t fought anybody with my MMA experience. MMA has evolved as a sport, it is no longer training jiu-jitsu, then training wrestling and training striking. It is an art to put it all together, and I have so much experience to do that,” Nguyen said. “I just have more answers than she does as the fight goes on. I also have more ways to finish her than she does. She is a remarkable striker, but I feel like I have more options.”

Even though Nguyen is confident in her abilities, she knows it will still be a tough fight. She believes Stamp will be very well prepared for this one but isn’t looking too much into Stamp’s past opponents. “I know going into this fight, Stamp is an athlete and is a talented athlete and has been training the ground [game] for two years,” she explained. "But if we are talking about the last fight, her opponent lacked the ground. She was able to move and strike and attack without my opposition.”

Ultimately, Nguyen is confident in herself that she will be the first person to beat “Stamp Fairtex" in MMA.
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